I was reading an article on the differences between standard whey versus a new “ioWhey.” Could you provide some insight?


In the article they claim that this new protein works the same as other whey protein and that according to their research you could use less for the same result (performance or body composition). That may be okay at some point, but they have a long way to go to prove it. In the meantime, our recommendation for all exercisers is 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass (more during prolonged calorie restriction), which more than covers all needs.

Keep in mind that AminoFormula is the lowest calorie and highest anabolic, muscle protein synthesis (MPS) initiator supplement anywhere – far superior to any whey protein since it contains only the 8 essential amino acids in a complete protein like whey, that are needed for signaling MPS. That said, you still need complete protein sources that supply the other 12 amino acids that are necessary for the actual final synthesis. But 1-scoop of AminoFormula can be considered as ~25 g of protein as long as your still eating complete proteins throughout the day. Below is a previous question and answer that might be helpful.

Q: How much protein in 1-scoop of AminoFormula?:

The short answer is 25 g for 1-scoop, but keep in mind you still have to include traditional food sources of complete protein in your daily meal planning.

More info :

It is a bit confusing because there is no exact science to translating 12 g of 8 essential amino acids (EAA) to grams of complete protein (containing 20 amino acids). As you heard on the webinar (and also located in the Practitioner Dietary Supplement Reference Guide [PDSRG]), the EAA are all that’s needed for muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and therefore, extracting them from a complete protein, they can yield the same MPS result with far less total amino acids and calories. If you extract all the info from the studies cited in the webinar (and PDSRG), you’ll find that it takes about 1-scoop (12 g) of these specific EAA to equal the same amount of the same EAA found in 40 g of complete protein. There are other properties/functions of complete proteins so we play it safe and call one scoop about 25 g since all we’re interested with AminoFormula is improving MPS but keep overall protein requirements met with complete proteins for total synthesis.

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