The answer must come from the surgeon who removes the gland. Everyone is different and especially based on age. Before surgery you will be given a general idea of amounts needed. Basically it's around 333 mg every 2-4 hours, but after surgery, the patient may dictate how much they need (especially if they are younger adults or teens) by the tingling of the extremities (lips, fingers, etc.). The surgeon will generally have you use a calcium citrate supplement up until you need more than 6-10 tab per day (dictated by your “tingling "). At this point you will continue with the calcium citrate but if you need to exceed the  "6-10" tabs of calcium citrate based on the "tingling", you will add another calcium supplement that can be absorbed in other areas of your digestive tract until your blood calcium levels normalize. I am only giving you basic information that I happen to know because my daughter had her parathyroid removed recently but your surgeon's team, like mine, must give you the answer daily.

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