Our first recommendation is to make sure you are consuming a healthy diet; good examples include the meal plans provided in the dotFIT program. Add your daily multivitamin and mineral formula (MVM), which contains most nutrients in the right amounts that your diet often falls short of. Make sure you are getting all your calcium needs and add an omega-3 fish oil supplement as needed. Below is our basic supplement health recommendation:

Take daily:

• Targeted Multivitamin & Mineral - Take as directed with a meal

• Superior Antioxidant - Take 1

As needed:

• Super Calcium+

o Use if you do not meet the daily needs of calcium (~1000-1200 mg) and Vitamin D (1000 IU) from sunlight, multivitamin and food intake.

• Super Omega-3

o Take 1 daily if not consuming 2-4 servings a week of fatty fish such as salmon

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