Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) may be able to temporarily slow some aspects of the aging process but that might not be a good idea. DHEA is only one hormone (known as a pro-hormone) out of many like testosterone, androstenedione, estrogen, etc., which all work together; meaning each one’s production affects the others. DHEA can be converted to any of them, including estrogen. Therefore by raising one, you may be raising or lowering another leading to eventual unwanted consequences. Studies have been mixed about DHEA’s ability increase muscle building, strength, memory and lifespan. At this time it should be treated as a drug and not a supplement. That way only a doctor could give it to you, allowing him/her to monitor all the hormone levels and adjust or discontinue as necessary. Otherwise you are rolling the dice using it on your own. While it may make you temporarily better at something, when you are playing around with hormones, you have no idea how that will affect you later. By the way, PROVEN age-slowing treatments are a healthy diet and exercise – these are absolutely fool proof.

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