The acai berry may be a good source of antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats, but that doesn’t mean it’s a better choice than other fruits containing potentially beneficial antioxidants. Acai berry in any form (liquid or whole) has NO impact on body fat reduction. This includes Mona-Vie, a beverage containing ~19 Fruits including acai. Any weight loss claim is false according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and current research.

The acai berry is a grape-like fruit harvested from acai palms in the rain forests of South America and has often been labeled a “superfood” by celebrity endorsers. The truth is just about every bright colored fruit or vegetable fits in the category of “superfoods” along with nuts, beans, etc. There is no evidence to support any claim that acai is better than the other “superfoods” for your health, regardless of a potentially higher content of certain antioxidants. Each brightly colored fruit or vegetable has a unique content of beneficial antioxidants which work in synergy to produce respective health benefits – i.e. more of 1, 2 or all compounds is not necessarily better. Different plants have different overall health effects. A complete search of the National Library of Medicine & National Institute of Health databases for acai currently turns up no human or animal studies showing any health benefit. All this is not to say there is no health benefit to consuming acai berries, but don’t it to boost health more than other similar foods. And DEFINITELY don’t expect acai to add anything to your weight loss program.

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