Yes and in more ways than just being fit. Eating healthy and exercising regularly, even if it’s as little as daily walking, help you look and feel better both of which makes EVERYONE less stressful when compared to being out of shape.

We are not sure there is a better way to manage stress than exercise. It is well accepted in the scientific community that exercise counteracts stress-related disorders. Exercise has been proven to be a better strategy for treating depression than any drug on the market. The hormonal changes, including the release of endorphins during and following exercise, naturally soothe the entire body. Exercise and proper diet help keep the brain “young” - i.e. improves cognitive functioning by helping maintain the integrity of your brain cells just like exercise and diet improve your muscle cell functioning. And finally, both short-term exercise and long-term aerobic exercise training are associated with improvements in various aspects of psychological functioning. Cross-sectional studies reveal that compared with sedentary individuals, active persons are more likely to be better adjusted, to perform better on tests of cognitive functioning, to exhibit reduced cardiovascular responses to stress, and to report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Exercise can help you recharge, and eating properly positively affects the way you look and feel. Any way you slice it, fitness creates a happier, more satisfied person. Once you’ve experienced the euphoric feeling of true fitness, it’s locked in your mind and will emanate throughout your body.

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