Hello, I was wondering if you have GLUTEN free meal plans? I'm newly diagnosed with celiac disease which means I can't have gluten in my diet. This would help me a lot to achieve my goals.


We do not have meal plans for specifically for people with medical conditions. However, I suggest perusing our Recipes section here  and then substituting gluten containing foods with veggies, rice, quinoa, beans, potatoes and fruit.

You may find this article helpful: 

  Here is a list of gluten free products if you’re interested in those   

I would recommended the Active MV if you’re exercising regularly to help meet your requirements for essential nutrients and a protein supplement if you’re not getting enough from food (0.7-1.0 grams per pound of your body weight per day). Our recipes section has some delicious shake recipes, which are also used successfully for weight management and fitness related goals. 

  If you’d like to work with our Clinical Dietitian, her name is Gay Riley and her email is gay@netnutritionist.net  

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