Generally yes because they have far less fat and calories than their penned in counterparts like cows or pigs that end up in the meat markets. Wild meats such as venison (which covers deer, elk, caribou and antelope) are certainly leaner meats than the same serving of beef. Three ounces of venison provides approximately 134 calories and three grams of fat (one gram of saturated fat). The same amount of beef contains 259 calories and 18 grams of fat (depending on the cut). If you are preparing the animal, here are a few safety tips:

• Don't eat the eyes, brain, spinal cord, spleen, tonsils, or lymph nodes of any deer.

• Wear rubber or latex gloves when dressing or butchering deer.

• Bone out the meat and remove all fat and the web-like membranes attached to the meat. This will also remove lymph nodes.

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