You asked the right person because first, we are big football fans as we all played growing up and our son is currently playing Division 1 at CU Boulder. Second, we love to eat because my wife's family is Italian. And third, we are also a "fitness family" so we regularly try to eat healthy. In other words, we got you covered!

Everything listed below is healthful, at least 1/2 the calories and sodium (some are 1/3) of their traditional counterpart (which is part of being healthful), or simply naturally low calorie. Another thing we do is serve things slowly during the first half, starting with soup and cut fresh vegetables with dip because this helps fill you with very low calories, which will enjoyably decrease the total snacks eaten - and save room for the grand finale - the football dinnerīŠ.

• Low fat butternut squash soup

• Veggies (crudités) and/or fresh fruit slices with yogurt based dip

• Baked tortilla chips with salsa

• Baked pita chips with hummus

• Shrimp with cocktail sauce

• Mini turkey meatballs in marinara sauce

• Low fat turkey or chicken gourmet sausage links cut in 1/4in slices, sautéed in pan with water until browned

• Array of dotFIT nutrition bars cut into slices for sweet eats: taste great, more filling than cake or traditional candy bars, guilt-free because they're low calorie and good for you

• Higher calorie but healthy in moderation: array of nuts, guacamole (we avoid)

Final note: by preparing these items at home you have more control over the calories and sodium, and it's a wonderful part of the family experience as we prepare to watch football - the greatest American game!

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